For “You Send” section, fill in the the amount you would like to exchange;
choose the type of coin you would like to send from the drop-down menu on left hand side;
choose the type of coin you would like to get from the drop-down menu on right hand side;
For “You Get” section, the service will automatically calculate the amount you’ll get

Enter your wallet address

If you have get a wallet address already, you can type it in as the destination address. Then click ‘Next’.
If you don’t have wallet yet, you can go to "Don’t have a wallet yet?" section and create your wallet with one of our partner services.


Check all the information carefully and click on "Confirm".


SHARPTRADE will generate a coin deposit address for you. Send your Bitcoins to this address.

Receive your coins

SHARPTRADE will find the best rate on one of the ten integrated exchanges, process the transaction and the coin you would like to get will be sent to your designated wallet in a few minutes.

No registration
No limit
No personal information needed
No account needed


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